Daniel Oss
THE ONE AND ONLY...Daniel Oss is a friend, a professional road bicycle racer and a f**king professional rock soul. Is currently racing with American BMC Racing Team and do horns sign for life \m/
Virginia Sommadossi
Virginia is a friend expert in communication. She is responsible for Centrale Fies, a production center for performing arts. She's able to predict trends and made them born. She eat communication codes, thoughts without limits and accurate schedules. We love her deeply <3
Massimo Giacon
Massimo Giacon, not an artist but a universe: he designed carpets, laminated materials, illustrations for fashion magazines, web sites, fabrics, virtual carachters, TV theme songs, ceramics, and is now working for graphic novels, various editorial projects, musical and commercial videos, new design objects, art exhibitions and music production with his side project Massimo Giacon and the Blass.
Robert Scheidt
Robert Scheidt is a friend (here with Ivan Beltrami and Daniel Oss) he is a renowned Brazilian sailor, having won two gold medals, two silver medals and a bronze from five Olympic Games. He is one of the most successful sailors at Olympic Games and one of the most successful Brazilian Olympic athletes. Ride like the f**king wind.
Dido Fontana
Dido Fontana, is a italian photographer who lift weights. Photography it's only the medium: the only thing that matters is humanity. Dido is the personal trainer of photography.
Gary Willis
Gary Willis is a musician who ride a lot! Co-founder (with Scott Henderson) of the jazz fusion band Tribal Tech. He's a monster of bass, a composer, a teacher, a MTB rider, a big friend...'cuz music, passion and energy make everything easier.
Parcialmente Nublada
She's peruvian, she's from Miami, she's the Princess of the Street Art. She snapp with a personal and unique aesthetic, documents the process of creation, the artists and all the energy that born. With her Canon, iPhone and sometimes here bike she is a part of the Street Art World (uh...she's sexy so much).
Mara Cassiani
Mara Cassiani, director and performer, whom operates in performance’s and choreography’s fields. Her work deals new generational iconography , rites and languages created by the impact with newmedia .The approach with audience is to create visual imaginary, which reflect the spectator capacity of elaborate meaning from different images overcoming the traditional ways. She roll on longboard.
Chiara Semeraro
Chiara is a tattoo artist. Malandragem & Saudade Studio in Barcelona with Stefano Phen and Roman Sunico. He's delicate and pretty but also tough and net like a *little katana. We love her so much <3
Ivan Basso
Ivan Basso is an Italian professional road bicycle racer who is currently racing with UCI ProTeam Cannondale. Basso, nicknamed Ivan the Terrible, is among the best mountain riders in the professional field in the 21st century, and is considered one of the strongest stage race riders.
Tito Larriva
Tito Larriva is a Mexican/American song writer, singer, musician, and actor. We f**king love the sound of Tito&Tarantula and we f**king love all his movies ...a real vato!
Gigi Tattoo
Gigi, big friend. He's a king lion with tattoo gun. His soul is f**king rock!
Ivan Cerioli
Ivan is a friend who was in the Olympic Games in Barcellona (among other things), pushing pedals like a f**king crazy and collects medals. Track or road Ivan kick ass!